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As our guest, you have the opportunity to explore some of the many features of our website, GRS Access. Walk through the entire retirement planning process, discover your investment personality and review detailed information on the funds in your plan. Just a taste of the features you’ll have once you become a participant in the plan.


Visit and use the Access ID and password below to sign-in:


Access ID: 9722535
Password: Rn9DFir8


Once you join the plan you can:

  • Check your account balance
  • See your personal rate of return
  • Print your own plan statement at any time
  • Learn more about the fund performance, fees and unit values for the
    investment options for your plan
  • View information about your current investment choices
  • Discover your investment personality
  • Use the Plan your retirement tool to create a personal retirement plan:
    • Envision your retirement
    • Calculate how much you'll need
    • Select your investments
    • Complete your plan
  • Access more articles, videos and resources in the Learning centre